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Bachelor's degree programme in Information Studies - Introduction

Thoughts about technology

New technology changes society and social aspects. Just think what working from home has meant in terms of separating work and leisure time, or the impact of the MP3 format on the music industry and the importance of the Internet for the dating scene. Information Studies is about understanding the interaction between people, society and technology, and about designing new technology to meet the needs of users.

Man and machine

As a student of information studies, you examine the consequences of the increased use of technology in society – from GPS car navigation systems to electronic medical records and multiplayer strategy games. Information Studies is at the interface between man and machine. Your work involves reducing the distance between these two worlds, generating new thinking and utilising the immense potential of technology.

Innovation, design and theory

Information Studies is an interdisciplinary subject that combines historical and social research with science, design and computer science subject areas. You become familiar with disciplines as different as programming, communication theory, design processes, technology history and organisational analysis. You can study anything from computer games to artificial intelligence, from 3D design to technology history, from creative industries economy to opinion polls, from system development to simulator development and from interactive learning to inactive consumer decisions.

Information studies questions

If one or more of the following questions arouse your interest, read on to find out if information studies is right for you.

  • Is artificial intelligence possible?
  • Does an electronic medical record change the relationship between doctor and patient?
  • How do you involve staff members in the implementation of new business procedures and technologies in large organisations?
  • Can you really talk about “virtual reality”?
  • What characterises a good computer game design?

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