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Master's degree programme in Digital Design - Introduction

Do you understand Facebook?

Info screens, computer games, media interfaces – the market for digital experiences keeps growing. The Master’s degree in Digital Design teaches you to develop and design audiovisual products using a range of digital platforms. The degree programme combines theoretical insight with analytical and creative skills in areas such as game development and visualisation. In the Master’s degree programme in Digital Design, you learn to design experiences for a digital and mobile culture. You learn, for example, to design interactive applications, make advanced visualisations for info screens or media interfaces and work with computer games or concepts for social media.

This work requires a theoretical understanding of digital culture, from Facebook and computer games to aesthetics and 3D modelling. You acquire this understanding in the Digital Design degree programme. You also learn to analyse and develop digital design processes and especially to apply your knowledge in practice by participating in intensive and dynamic group work throughout your studies. You also have excellent opportunities for project-oriented training in digital companies.

Part of the industry

You spend every day in the creative environment at Katrinebjerg. Here you attend lectures and do project-oriented, creative work with sensors, 3D modelling and computer game development, etc. Later in the degree programme, you have an opportunity to apply for admission to the DADIU project training programme, which is organised in collaboration with the computer game industry. DADIU stands for Det Danske Akademi for Digital Interaktiv Underholdning (The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment). In general, the degree programme gives you good opportunities for establishing contact with people in the digital industry. Many companies in this industry are right next door.

Prototype projects

Lectures give you a theoretical understanding of digital culture and design processes. You develop a broad theoretical understanding of aesthetics, design and communication within the different media platforms. You get an opportunity to test this knowledge in a number of both small and large projects that form part of the teaching. You therefore get an opportunity to develop actual products within 2D and 3D modelling, sketching, and prototype development within several types of digital and audiovisual media.

You therefore acquire theoretical knowledge of digital culture as well as the skills to analyse and manage design processes within this field. You also learn to work in a concentrated and targeted manner on the development of audiovisual products in close collaboration with others. In that way, the Master’s degree programme in Digital Design in many ways reflects the work in the digital media industry.

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