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Master's degree programme in Journalism - Introduction

Journalist with specialist knowledge

With effect from autumn 2007, the Centre for University Studies in Journalism (CJU) is offering a Master’s degree programme in journalism that targets students with a Bachelor’s degree from either a university or the Danish School of Journalism.

This Master’s degree meets the media industry’s need for journalists with academic skills and specialist knowledge, as well as excellent reflective and innovative communication skills at a professional journalistic level.

The university line targets Bachelors with a degree in journalism who wish to complete an advanced studies programme in either social science or art, culture and literature.

The journalism track targets Bachelors with a university degree in a humanistic or social science subject who wish to complete a Master’s degree with a journalistic perspective.

The Master’s degree programme is offered in collaboration between the Danish School of Journalism and the Faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Aarhus. It is an interdisciplinary degree programme that integrates a comprehensive range of academic competences including journalistic tools and communication skills.


The admission requirements for the Master’s degree in journalism depend on the track you wish to take.

The society and media and cultural journalism tracks: You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in journalism or be a professional journalist with equivalent qualifications. Journalists without a formal journalism degree can apply for exemption.

The analytical journalism track: You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in either a humanistic or a social science subject.


A Master’s degree in journalism counts as two years of full-time study (120 ECTS credits) and has three tracks:

  • Society and the media: A two-year advanced studies programme in social science for Bachelors of journalism.
  • Cultural journalism: A two-year advanced studies programme in a cultural subject for Bachelors of journalism.
  • Analytical journalism: Two years of journalism studies for university Bachelors in a social science or humanistic subject.

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